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点此查看真题试卷范文Education Pays Numerous individuals are questioning the worth of higher education as the job market is depressed, yet the chart of Weekly earnings in 2010 reveals a forceful counter-evidence that the income is in direct proportion to one's educational background. Those with a doctoral degree earn nearly 3.5 times as much as those with less than a high school diploma.As an increasing number of graduates find it difficult to get a cet4v.com studying for many years, a hot debate arises on whether education pays. Supporters of higher education insisit that education is the ticket to a steadier and better-paying job and the basis of a comfortable life. However, the opponents assume that they would not stake their money on such a risky investment which does not guarantee a promising career.As far as I am concerned, we should not stop eating for fear of choking. A better education, in most cases, not only means a better job, a higher salary and a lower unemployment rate, but a paving stone to the integrated improvement of oneself. In a broad sense, it is education that contributes to the development and advancement of the whole nation, which in turn benefits every individual. In conclusion, education is a worthy investment.

点此查看真题试卷【快速阅读-参考答案】1. B showmanship细节题。这道题的答案对应原文第一句话,从putting on a show 可以推出showmanship。when it came to putting on a show, nobody else in the computer industry, or any other industry for that matter, could match Steve Jobs.题干与原文的匹配度比较高,仔细阅读不难得出选择是B2. A He invented lots of functional gadgets.细节题。原文第2段第2句话提到了乔布斯突出的三个方面,第三句话明确指出最后一个方面,也就是他在functional gadgets 上的贡献对人们的生活影响最大,对比第二题的选项,应选AHe stood out in three ways—as a technologist, as a corporate leader and as somebody who was able to make people love what had previously been impersonal, functional gadgets. Strangely, it is this last quality that may have the deepest effect on the way people live.3. B His keen interest in designing elegant and user-friendly gadgets.细节题。答案在第三段第二句,“obsessed with product design and aesthetics, and with making advanced technology simple to use”。讲到乔布斯痴迷于产品的设计和美学上,以及使高科技简单易用。所以选BAs a technologist, Mr Jobs was different because he was not an engineer—and that was his great strength. Instead he was obsessed with product design and aesthetics, and with making advanced technology simple to use.4. A One of the greatest chief executives of his time.细节题。答案在第4段第一句话的后半句“many of those corporate giants as one of the greatest chief executives of his time.”所以选A,其他的选项均不正确。Within the wider business world, a man who liked to see himself as a hippy, permanently in revolt against big companies, ended up being hailed by many of those corporate giants as one of the greatest chief executives of his time.5. D an inspiration细节题。答案在第四段第三句话。“is an inspiration to any businessperson”。所以选DHis fall from grace in the 1980s, followed by his return to Apple in 1996 after a period in the wilderness, is an inspiration to any businessperson whose career has taken a turn for the worse.‘6. C He commanded absolute loyalty from Apple users.细节题。由关键词fanatical loyalty 定位到低段第一句话。所以乔布斯成功最令人震惊的地方在于它获得了苹果用户的绝对忠诚。选CBut what was perhaps most astonishing about Mr Jobs was the fanatical loyalty he managed to inspire in customers.7. D It originates in the consumer market.细节题。由关键词special report定位到第6段第一句,As our special report in this week's issue (printed before Mr Jobs's death) explains, innovation used to spill over from military and corporate laboratories to the consumer market, but lately this process has gone into reverse. Many people's homes now have more powerful, and more flexible, devices than their offices do; consumer gizmos and online services are smarter and easier to use than most companies' systems.过去创新是从部队和公司实验室再拓展到消费者市场,现在的情况是反过来。所以选D8. closed and inflexible细节题。由关键词 “critics complained”定位到第七段第一句,可知空格处应填写“closed and inflexible”。Mr Jobs had a reputation as a control freak, and his critics complained that the products and systems he designed were closed and inflexible, in the name of greater ease of use.9. combined细节题,由关键词“Amazon”定位到原文第8段 ,所以空格处填combined。At the recent unveiling of a tablet computer by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose company is doing the best job of following Apple's lead in combining hardware, software, content and services in an easy-to-use bundle,10. reshaping entire industries细节题,由关键词the magic of computing定位到原文最后一段, 空格处填reshaping entire industries.But in the end he conjured up a reality of his own, channelling the magic of computing into products that reshaped entire industries.

点此查看真题试卷【听力-参考答案】11A 12A 13D 14A 15A16D 17A 18B 19C 20A21D 22D 23C 24C 25A26C 27D 28D 29B 30B31D 32D 33D 34C 35B36selection of37knowledge38vegetables39purchase40determines41single42responsible43rush44Partly as a consequence of this limited time, over half of all American homes now have microwave ovens.45The United States Department of Agriculture and the food industry collect sales statistics and keep accurate records.46Red meat, which used to be the most popular choice for dinner, is no longer an American favorite.

点此查看真题试卷【深度阅读-参考答案】47.N take a cue from 固定搭配,表示按…的指点行事。48.D 在快餐在儿童中引起肥胖症的现象受到越来越多关注的背景之下,19家公司宣誓将为儿童提供更多健康的菜单选择,结合上下文可知空格处应填concern49.M 因为上一段刚刚提到快餐引起儿童肥胖的问题获得了越来越多的重视,第2段顺承上面的内容,讲到汉堡王采取的相应措施:将从本月起停止提供儿童快餐里的炸薯条和苏打汽水.所以填stop 。50前面说了将停止提供儿童快餐里的炸薯条和苏打汽水,根据although知道内容上应该是一个转折,所以后面应该是still available,仍然可以买得到。51. 这句话涉及到一个比较,whether...or, 选项中只有prefer一个课用于比较,所以空格处填prefer.52. 这是紧接着上一句的, 上面刚刚讲到问顾客是选择套餐时是更喜欢选牛奶还是苹果片,这是一种将顾客的需求具体化,所以填specify。53. a variety of 固定搭配,各种各样的。 在这句话中是指其他参与将为美国儿童提供更健康的事物的快餐店,也提供各种各样的菜单选择。54. 结合上下文可知,(Kid Live Well)“让孩子们生活的更好”运动应该是全国范围内展开的一场大型运动,所以填nationwide。55 通过第三段第一句话的后半句可以看出, 儿童的每顿饭中要包含冒号之后部分的食物中的至少两项,所以55空填item ,指的是后面的选项。56. 前面提到的食物都是低脂、第卡路里的健康食物,最后一句中提到在其他的要求中,餐馆提供的附加菜必须满足同样的要求, 所以填criteria57. The author tends to believe that high unemployment rate ______?答案:C. should not stop people from looking for a job.解析:本题重点考察作者观点。题干问在作者看来,高失业率怎么样?锁定原文第一段,虽然第一段中的bad for the economy,discouraging,change careers等字眼跟选项ABD当中的词汇很类似,但是要注意的是,真正表达作者观点的是第一段最后一句But it actually shouldn’t matter to you nearly as much as you think。其实高失业率跟你没太大关系。包括原文最后一段第一句“So don’t let the headlines fool you into giving up.”所以,综上所述,它不该给你找工作带来阻碍,引申意思就是该怎么办就怎么办,不要在意官方统计的高失业率。58. Where do most job openings come from?答案:B. Job turnover解析:本题属于细节考查题。题干问大部分的职位空缺来自于哪里?根据四个选项,可以用排除法将business expansion排除,因为原文并未提及。再剩下的三个选项中,根据原文第二段的第一句job growth numbers don’t matter to job hunters as much asjob turnover data以及turnovercreates more openings than economic growth does.可以确定人员更替(turnover)提供了更多的职位空缺,因此答案为Job turnover。59. What does the author say about overall job growth?答案:A. It doesn’t have much effect on individual job seekers.解析:本题继续考察作者观点。题干问作者对于整体就业增长(overall job growth)的态度是怎样的,可以定位到原文倒数第三段,关键是第一句:I don’t mean to imply that overall job growth doesn’t have an impact on one’s ability to land a job. 此处用到双重否定,“我并不是说整体就业增长对一个人找工作没有丝毫影响”,也就是说“有一定影响,但是没有那么大”所以答案是A,而BCD选项的confidence,hope,job security原文并未提及。60. What is the key to landing a job according to the author?答案:C. Persistence解析:本题属于细节考查题。定位原文倒数第二段第一句But what often distinguishes those who land jobs from those who don’t is their ability to stay motivated. 关键词是stay motivated61. What do we learn from the passage about the unemployment figures in the US?答案:D. They exclude those who have stopped looking for a job.解析:本题属于细节考查题。根据倒数第二段的最后一句The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that 2.7 million people who wanted and were available for work hadn’t looked within the last four weeks and were no longer even classified as unemployed.可知答案选D,那一部分人已经被排除掉了,所以失业率这个数据是有水分的。

点此查看真题试卷【完形填空-参考答案】DABDC ACADB ACDBC BADCB

点此查看真题试卷【翻译-参考答案】87. completely/totally ignoring her presence88. that distinguished him from other higher animals89. nowhere to be found90. when he was interrupted by the audience91. tremendous amounts of energy would be released